Florida Aquarium Guide iPhone and Android App Images

Application Table of Contents: The initial view upon opening the application. Touch any line to see a new view with additional information on the selected item.

Table of Contents

Coral Reefs Gallery: List of species on display in Coral Reefs Gallery.

Coral Reefs Gallery

Browse Species by Family: Scroll through images of species by scientific classification (family).


Barracuda: Example species located with Browse Species by Family feature.


Browse Species by Tank No.: Scroll through images of species by exhibit tank number.


Glossary: Definitions of scientific terms used to describe species.


Index: Common Name: Alphabetical list of species by their common names.

Index: Common Name

Index: Genus & Species: Alphabetical list of species by genus and species names.

Index: Genus & Species

Leafy Seadragon: Example species detail information page.


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