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About Me

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1981 and hold an Amateur Extra Class license. My rigs include Elecraft K2, K3, and KX3 radios. My NAQCC number is 2381, and my FISTS number is 12636.

I built my Elecraft K2 SN 04443 in 2005 and I have enjoyed using it as a CW rig. In mid-December 2007 I received my Elecraft K3 kit, Serial # 0118, and it is an excellent rig. I operate QRP on 20 and 40 meters CW for the most part.

I operated as KA7LBB and KS7D since 1981 in Portland, Oregon. In 2002 I moved to Florida and now live in Riverview near Tampa. I also held Kingdom of Tonga amateur radio call sign A35MJ for many years and thoroughly enjoyed operating from Neiafu, on Vava'u Island in the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific.

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